Thursday, 26 February 2009

Perfect Timing

Yes - for the second day in the row - two posts in one day!!

I was due for my lunch break at 16:30 today, at 16:29 I noticed a missed call from Phil, he has four Whooper Swans just north of Axmouth, excellent! It wasn't long 'til I was watching them...

Yeah I know there's only three in this pic, the other one wandered off to the left! At least they're all looking the same way

Here's a pic that does show all four....

And all the Mute Swans too... hahaha!

There have been four Whoopers on the Fleet for most of the winter, this is almost certainly them. We regularly swap birds with this place, especially this species. I can think of four other occasions we've had Whoopers drop in that have been wintering on the Fleet. Spoonbills do this quite often too, as has a Pale-bellied Brent Goose over the last two summers, and once a Black Stork! I just wish some Scaup would do the same!!!

Thanks for the call Phil - and am glad Mike managed to see them before he headed back home.

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