Thursday, 12 February 2009

Great White Who??

Last night Birdguides carried a report of a Great White Egret on our estuary, and also mentioned the Iceland Gull in the same post. We had a single Cattle Egret yesterday....has someone at Birdguides HQ clicked on the wrong Egret sp? I think so..... I hope so..... There could be a non-local birder grinning at this post, and will reply with a stonking photo of a Great White Egret, that would be seriously GRIPPING!

This morning, the Common Scoter which should have been a Little Grebe remains on the estuary, it didn't look so out of place as the tide was well up. She looked well happy munching on a seemingly never-ending supply of small crabs.

A rare chance to photograph this sea duck!

Swimming head on

The Cattle Egret returned to the sheep field along Harepath Road this morning, he also screamed out for a photo to be taken....

It didn't look very active at all!

A quick flash back to yesterday, and my daily lunch break sweep of the estuary revealed the first winter Iceland Gull again. This time I managed to get a photo of it with it's head out!

Lovely : )

And that's that for today's photo-filled post. I won't have much birding time now for the next few days, but If I do you will read about it on here...

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