Monday, 2 February 2009

Let It Snow

First off, another bit of birdie news for yesterday. Left Seaton for Plymouth at 19:15, and just past Tower Services had lovely views of a Barn Owl which flew over the road in front of my car. Nice : )

I got home just after midday today, and despite a precipitation-free drive up from Plymouth, when I got to Seaton it was snowing! For the rest of the afternoon there were snow showers, some heavy.

Beer Beach at 15:30

Me getting snowed on whilst stomping about for Snipe

My front garden at 16:50

Well what birds did I see today? On the whole it was a disappointing day, the only wildfowl of interest being the long staying Greylag Goose and drake Tufted Duck. The sea gave five Red-throated Divers, seven Great Crested Grebes, seven Common Scoters with four Teal west.

Gulls are all that is left to talk about, and at least there was some interest here. At about 16:30, a final sweep of the river revealed a first winter Iceland Gull floating down the middle of it! I was just trying to make it into a different bird to yesterday's when I realised a photo would be conclusive. But, as I lined up for a pic this happened.... it went

It was about half-way up the estuary, but flew off down river and out to sea. It did appear paler than yesterday's bird, and I thought its bill showed more pink, but I could easily be wrong. In fact I'm sure I am! Oh well, let's see what white-wingers tomorrow brings?

Also very notable was a HUGE adult argentatus Herring Gull north of Coronation Corner, and my highest Med Gull count so far this winter - eight. All adults too.

Remember my two colour ringed Meds from last week? A response from Camille Duponcheel contained the details of 'White 3P65'. The bird was ringed as a pulli on 17/07/06 on Island of Langli in Denmark. It was seen again in Denmark for a few days during the summer of 2008, then on 12/11/08 was at Radipole Lake in Dorset. This was the last sighting of it before I came to us. Interesting stuff!

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