Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Big Sea!

Wow - went down to the sea front this morning and it was MENTAL! This is what some of the action looked like.....

The west walk

Too close for comfort!

Looking east - note the lack of beach!

And this is some of the mess it made......

It was fun watching this guy dodge the waves!

More mess!

It wasn't just the sea, with yesterdays non-stop rain and the high tide this morning the river had plenty of water in too....

The view from the farm gate

The estuary from Coronation Corner

This is how the Axe looked from Shute, hmmm... I wonder why I was in Shute Woods...?? I failed anyway!

Ok, now to the birds - this won't take long because I've not seen all that much. As usual the flooded river valley showed all the wildfowl well, but the only oddities I saw were the single Greylag Goose, Egypytian Goose and drake Tufted Duck and a pair of Gadwall. All of these were in the Bridge Marsh/Colyford Marsh area. Also a couple of Golden Plovers still kicking about in with the Lapwings.

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