Monday 30 December 2019

Male Black Redstart

Well it's not that I've been out birding but haven't had time to blog... I really have not had any time out birding!

The lead up to Christmas was very busy work-wise for me, and on the few days I did have off I had to cram in all my Christmas shopping and family days out!  Things aren't set to change soon either with a steep learning curve ahead - more on that in another post...  

The only notable birds I've managed to stumble upon have been a few Blackcap, with a female near my place and a pair often showing at Mum and Dad's.  And best of all a male Black Redstart that I've seen on the couple of occasions I've taken the dog down to Seaton Hole beach.  It's been really showy, although I haven't had chance to properly 'pap it' yet - just these ropy shots...

I have seen blacker males, but haven't seen many with so much white in the wing.  A real corker, and looking at my Twitter timeline he seems to be attracting quite a bit of attention.
Anyway, I really hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for sticking with Axe Birding!