Friday, 2 January 2009

Lower Duckland Ponds!

Yet again I only had a small window of time in which birding could be done today, from about 10:30 til 11:00.

First off I had a look over the river valley from the Farm Gate, but couldn't see anything of interest. I then gave Lower Bruckland Ponds a visit. The not to smart drake Tufted Duck was still swimming about amongst the Mallards, and there were a couple of other nice duckies on the ponds too. Unfortunately the flashcard in my camera ceased to work, oh know! I had to use my spare, which has only enough memory to store....wait for it.... FOUR photos! Here are two of the four photos I took...

Yep - a lovely pair of Gadwall

I just had a quick flick through the Daily Mail, if you have one to hand take a look at page 25...

'I went 500 miles to find a rare bird, then saw one in my garden!'.

This is the heading of a story (taking up half a page!) in which a keen lady birder travelled all the way to Norway to catch a glimpse of a Snow Bunting, then came home to Cornwall only to see one in her garden! There's a nice photo of said Snow Bunting, it's sat in a tree looking a lot like a Chaffinch with a bit more white on its body than normal.
Oh dear.....!!!

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