Sunday, 25 January 2009

First Fluff Of The Year

If only it was the last one too!!

Spot On Kiosk this morning, I got here at 8am and the moment my eye met my scope lens a small group of Common Scoters flashed through my view distantly heading west, with something else in with them! It looked the right size, shape and colour for a female Long-tailed Duck, in fact I know it was one, but as I only saw it for a total of about three and a half seconds as the flock kept disappearing below the waves i'm not going to 'claim it'*. I phoned Gav and he glimpsed it too, but he also saw it too briefly to do anything with. Hmmmm.... Bums!

I stayed here 'til 09:30 and notched up: 24 Red-throated Divers, 17 Common Scoters and two lovely adult Med Gulls which came in separately from the east. There were good numbers of Kittiwakes and auks on the move with lesser numbers of Gannets and Fulmars passing.

I've seen little on the estuary today, well little of note, just one adult Med Gull, an out of place adult Kittiwake and the female Pochard. The Greylag Goose remains with the Mute Swan flock on Bridge Marsh with the Egyptian Goose here too.

Tonight myself and Bun watched the upper estuary for anything coming down river to roost. Two Green Sands belted up the Coly, and a couple of Ravens were eyeing up a dead sheep, but other than that it was rather quiet.

The Coly and Axe at 16:45 today

We ended the day in Musbury watching a Little Owl sat in a small tree. After a few minutes it started calling, and continued to do so 'til we left. A lovely way to end the day.

*If a Long-tailed Duck flew west past anywhere this side of Dawlish at about 08:30 - 09:00 with a small group of Common Scoters, I will be 'claiming it'! Come on Mr. Rylands...for me!


  1. must have just missed you this morning mate! hopefully one day ill get up early enough to catch you! at 9.35 is was quite quiet, though i finally got the black red. woo hoo.

    i think i fluffed a shearwater today, the difference is we will see those again....

    when birdforum is up and running again can you pm me some gen on the little owls, i have tried about 20 times and no luck.

    back to soton now, and maybe finally some waxwings

  2. More good seawatching today Nick. And good luck with the Waxwings mate, for they are such stunning birds.

    No problem with the Owls mate, maybe when you are next down and if the weathers right and I'm not working I'll take you for an 'Owl tour'.