Monday 2 April 2012

A Patch Tick

It had been a long weekend for me, and after I spent the best part of Sunday at work, I got home and just collapsed on the sofa!

All of a sudden though, and out of nowhere, a surge of adrenalin got me up and driving as quick as (legally and safely) possible to the farm gate just north of Axmouth. Bun had phoned to say a Crane was on Colyford Marsh!

At about 20:00 I scored the patch tick, standing on Colyford Marsh scrape. It soon had a bit of a fly around and landed on the river where the Stafford Brook joins the Axe. I am so pleased to get this one under the belt, as it is one that has always hurt (as I have said before on this blog). I managed to fluff four Cranes that flew in off the sea one March morning about seven years ago. I think I am the only birder in the UK who has managed that!!!

I didn't get any photos as it was almost dark, so I was hoping it would stay over night. It did! This morning I spent half an hour watching it feed on Colyford Marsh from the entrance of Stedcombe House....

Crane overdose!

A quick catch up on Bubo showed that this Crane takes my patch life list up to 243. With Phil bagging Stone Curlew this spring, and all of us seeing this Crane, I think 2012 is going to go down as 'the year of unblockers'. Squacco Heron next please...

Also a quick note to say we have another patch blogger! It's nice to see Phil has started up this already great looking blog, No Further Than Kuwait.

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