Friday, 6 April 2012

A Quick Quiz

I took this photo today, within 5 miles of the patch boundary...

The question is - what is it!?

Go on - have a go with the poll below. All it will take is a couple of seconds to select your answer and hit the vote button...

What is this bird? free polls


  1. Great idea!
    I will try it but with no certainty whatsoever!!
    Let's go! Female!!! So far I can't see how I can be wrong! LOL!
    A Teal probably but as I have never seen this one I will try the Cinnamon Teal....
    Outch! Pretty unsure!!
    Fun all the same!

  2. Hey Noushka!

    Thanks for the comment and guess - afraid you are wrong though! It's a Baikal Teal! Good try though :-)

    with best wishes