Monday 23 April 2012

A Four Way Sea Watch

There were four 'shifts' of sea watchers this morning from Beer.  Phil did the early stint, with Bun and Karen dropping in just after 6:30.  I rocked up at 7:50, staying til 08:35, not long before Ian Mc arrived to continue the watch!

We never seem to do that well for numbers in south easterlies (except sometimes Terns), and today was no exception!  I think there was too much rain as well, with several Gannets visible resting on the water.  All I noted were (all west):

2 Manxies
7 Whimbrel
1 Med Gull (second-summer)
1 Common Gull (first-summer)
14 Sandwich Tern

A little later I had a quick look off Seaton sea front too, where I noted a single Common Tern flying close in east, and a Dunlin whizzing backwards and forwards over the beach.

Mid afternoon, a quick tour of the valley showed AT LAST good numbers of hirundines.  At least 450+ were feeding in the valley.  Swallows were most numerous, with House Martins probably at the 100 mark with only a few Sand Martins.

It was so good to see this sight again!

A look along the Estuary revealed four Common Sandpipers, three Whimbrel, but nothing else of note.

This one was just north of Coronation Corner 

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  1. There's an option to revert to the old style. I did :-)

  2. Where it says 'Steve Waite's blogs' look to the right and there's a button for language and right of that a button with a Cog or flower or something click on that for a drop down menu and choose 'old blogger interface'

  3. Excellent - thank you very much!