Sunday, 8 April 2012


The first answer is to the question "where has this colour-ringed Black-tailed Godwit come from?"...

Note the red flag

I photographed this bird a couple of days ago on the Estuary, and had a reply last night from Pete Potts.

Although I haven't yet got the full details of this bird, or the complete list of re sightings, I do know it was ringed as a chick in the nest in Iceland on 13th June 2010. And that it has been seen many times during the winter months on the Tagus Estuary, Lisbon, Portugal. How exciting is that!? I look forward to getting all the exact dates and details and will post them up here when I do.

Ok, answer number two is to Friday's poll question, "what is this duck?"

A female something...

Well despite a couple of hundred hits since posting this photo, only 25 of you placed your bets. Plus one comment.

And the answer?? Well this is it's mate...

Much easier now!

Yes, it's a Baikal Teal, and 44% of you voted this way. Well done! The second most voted answer was Garganey with 20%, and then Cinnamon Teal with 16%.

I took the above photos when Jess and I went to Axe Valley Animal Park last Friday, along with these snaps...

What a great place - right on our doorstep too!

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