Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mr Nasty

Well it should be Miss Nasty really, as I'm pretty sure our lingering Caspian Gull is a female (on size).

Yesterday I spent half an hour watching her, from Coronation Corner - and boy was she in a bad mood! Every few minutes she would just have a go at anything near her. The funny thing is though, she would often lose! I did feel sorry for an unsuspecting first summer Black-headed Gull though, which was just sitting there minding its own business, and the Casp must have run for about 15m along the mud just to have a jab at it! For absolutely no apparent reason! What a bully...

It must be the time of the month!

Also yesterday, a wander around the Beer Cemetery fields showed little, except these four Wheatears which looked like they were shortly going to be continuing with their northward migration...

Three males, and my first female on 2012

Today, all I've had time for was a ten minute watch from Coronation Corner just before 9am. This proved worthwhile as a winter plumaged Sanderling flew north up river and around the corner. A minute or two later though it reappeared, flying around with two Dunlin, before nipping over the tram line and appearing to drop down on Black Hole Marsh.

Saw three Swallows whilst driving too, south of Musbury. Although there are nowhere near the amount of hirundines around that I'd expect by now, maybe these - along with two Sand Martins I saw yesterday over town - signal the start of a mass arrival?

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