Sunday, 5 April 2009

An Hour Out After Work

Haven't had much to talk about recently. My latest year tick was on 1st, when I jammed an Osprey from Co-op's back yard as it cruised up river just prior to 19:00.

Ian M has provided the 'gripper of the spring' (so far) as he saw a
Ring Ouzel on Beer Head on the morning of 3rd. I spent two hours up here on 4th but saw no Ring Ouzels and even managed to miss our first Redstart of the year; it was seen for a few minutes in The Sheepwalk before vanishing into thin air!

I was at work til 16:30 today and had to nip back here for twenty minutes a couple of hours later. I did manage an hour out and about tonight though, and it was fairly productive. Well I say 'fairly', I mean 'HUGELY'! At Lower Bruckland Ponds I stumbled upon this patch rarity...

Drake Tuftie - top class!!

And here he is in a different light showing his purple side....

OK, so some may question its rarity status, but no one can question its beauty!

A look from the farm gate revealed a distant Little Ringed Plover on Colyford Scrape. Then on Bridge Marsh I noted a Lapwing, two Green Sandpipers and a White Wagtail (there were 30+ Pied Wags split between these two sites). 16 Sand Martins were flying about overhead.

It looks like we may have some good seawatching conditions coming up soon, I can't wait!! Let the year ticks fall....

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