Wednesday 8 April 2009

The Met Office.... rubbish at predicting the weather for East Devon!!! I thought I was going to wake up to a roaring southerly wind, instead the view from the Spot On this morning was rather tranquil with hardly a breath of wind...

Pleasant...but not the beach weather I want!!!

In yesterday's post I mentioned that I wanted to see something 'big' this morning. I meant 'big' as in Red-billed Tropicbird 'big', this didn't happen, I had to just settle for a 'big bird'! It was a stonking Great Norther Diver, which appeared to look only slightly smaller than a Blue Whale as it flew west.

I also noted two
Red-throated Divers, one flew west and the other - a lovely summer plumage bird - landed just offshore. 48 Manxies flew past (though all VERY distant) and four Sandwich Terns and a Common Gull passed closer.

Also in yesterday's post I mentioned how this full moon period will produce some waders for sure. Well a look up the estuary after my short sea watch produced a nice bit of spring wader quality with a Greenshank feeding on the saltmarsh north of Coronation Corner, a stunner it was too..... and a year tick : )

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