Wednesday 19 November 2008

One Goose Wonder

Missed loads of Wood Pigeons this morning, I stayed in bed far too late! Well, only til '08:30, but that's late enough to miss several thousand Pigeons! Thanks to a text from Tom at West Bay to alert me of this movement....that I missed! I did see a couple of flocks of c100 fly west over town at about 09:30.

When I did get out I went along the estuary, and then to the sea front where I watched for about half an hour. As happens quite often in a north wind, there was quite a lot of stuff on the move out there - but mostly miles out! The only identifiable things were a few auk sp., good numbers of big and small Gulls, a couple of Common Scoters (plus c15 on the sea), and the star of the watch, an adult White-fronted Goose close west at 09:30. Hopefully this marks the start of a cold weather movement? A single small wader was very frustrating, it looked dark and interesting. Darn thing flew too high and too distant, too quickly!

And that's it for me today, hopefully I'll get a chance for some Pigeon counting tomorrow!

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