Saturday 8 November 2008

The Last Two Days And Today

Let's start with Friday. I got out of bed dead early and rushed up to Axe Cliff, the conditions were perfect for a huge movement. It was TOTAL CRAP! The most disappointing vis mig session I have EVER EVER EVER had! It was made a bit better though that night when I logged on to a couple of south coast birding sites, all experienced the same as me...high expectations but NAFF ALL! The only birdie highlight of the day was driving home during my lunch break; a female-type Black Red was sat in the middle of the road on Sea Hill. It took off and landed on an adjacent house roof before I could add it to the 'road kill list'.

Saturday I spent all day at work so saw nothing whatsoever. And now to today...

I took Kym to work (who has come home for the weekend) at ten then went for a look along the estuary. This smart adult
Med Gull was in one of the first flocks I looked at....

The only hint of anything Mediterranean today!

Then a little further up river I struck lucky with a stonking adult Yellow-legged Gull, I reckon about our fifth of the year. Unfortunately virtually the moment I clapped eyes on it the heavens opened, and it really REALLY rained! And as soon as the rain eased, the bird flew off! I did attempt to get a few digi-binned record shots from inside the car whilst it was tipping down with rain, here's the best of them - but they were all crap to be honest. Can you pick it out in the first one? I just wished it had stayed for some proper snaps, the pics I took really didn't do it justice at all - it was a stunner.

Where's Wally?

This photo - although fuzzy and pure tosh - does show it a little better. You can even just about make out its leg colour!

A truly awful photo

The only other sighting worth writing about today is of the continued presence of the two Tufted Ducks at Lower Bruckland Ponds. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.... rain probably!

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