Tuesday 4 November 2008

A Bit More Local Quality

Although I started work at 07:30 this morning I got out of bed extra early so I could stand at the Spot On Kiosk for 25 minutes seawatching before my start time. Bun joined be at about 07:20.

I mentioned in yesterdays post that watching the passerines coming in off reminded me lots of the east coast, but this morning - moments before I was due in to work - I had a real flash-back moment! A Woodcock flew into my scope view miles out to sea, it was flying east but sooned veered northwards and quickly began to gain height as it got nearer to the coast. One of the things I loved at Spurn was watching Woodcocks come in off during the late autumn period, they just look SO wrong a mile out to sea! This was certainly a first for me in the Seaton area - not Woodcock - but Woodcock over the sea!

Back to the start of this short seawatch, the first scan over the sea produced about 26 Common Scoters, and I soon picked up another duck flying north into the bay - it was another Goldeneye! The sixth for us in three days! This first-winter drake soon landed amongst a flock of c12 Scoters and remained here til' Bun arrived, providing him with a nice 'easy' year tick. The other notable sighting was of two Brent Geese west.

Not sure what to do with my free morning tomorrow, hopefully see some birds!

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