Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Feeling Sheepish

As I got back to my car after enjoying a leisurely wander around Lower Bruckland Ponds yesterday, a look up the lane showed something wasn't quite right...

Oh dear!!!

This lot came charging past the car and headed off towards Higher Bruckland, I drove up the road and around the corner in search of a farmer, only to see ANOTHER group of about 15 sheep in the road!! To cut a long story short, I found no farmer, but me and another two passers-by got both lots together and back in to the field we figured they had come from! Oh what fun!!!!

After seeing just two Swallows yesterday, it was clear this morning there had been a mega arrival of hirundines. At Bridge Marsh, 110+ Swallows, 50+ Sand Martins and at least three House Martins were feeding low over the Coly. Then at Lower Bruckland Ponds shortly after, another 30 Swallows and ten Sand Martins.

Swallows really have come early this year, other springs it's always been a case of searching through mega Sand Martin flocks to get a March Swallow...but far from that this year!!! Anyway, enough talking about them...


Sand Martins

All these were taken in 'intelligent auto' mode, the dull conditions and rain played havoc with the ISO and shutter speed! But then again, if it wasn't for the weather, the birds probably wouldn't have been there at all!!!

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