Saturday, 13 March 2010

Lesser Spotted Dippers

After hearing Karen and Bun dipped Lesser Spotted Woodpecker again last weekend, I promised to take them to some. So we all went to Stepps Bridge this morning, a site I've seen them at several times in the past with 'relative' ease......but today we failed!

Lots of trees.... lots of empty trees!!

It wasn't an all out failure mind, as Bun did see a female Lesser Spot for about four seconds, but Karen remains Lesser Spot-less! I think they are trying again somewhere else tomorrow, GOOD LUCK!!!

My highlight of the trip was a gorgeous Firecrest which showed very well for a few minutes - still one of my favourite birds! There were lots of Marsh Tits about along with the usual woodland fare. On the river this female Goosander showed well...

Much better than the Muscovy Duck!

Nearby, we scored with my first macro moth of the year, a stiking one too...

Orange Underwing - smart little thing!

We were back home by 13:00, and I spent most the rest of the day birding on patch; Beer Head, Seaton Marshes, Bridge Marsh and the Estuary showed no migrants at all....still!! The only noteworthy birds being an adult Med Gull and a Common Sandpiper.

To end this short post, pulling up outside my house last night after work (at about half ten), I was surprised to see a Pheasant wandering about in the road...



  1. Thanks Steve, it was an enjoyable morning even with my horrible dip. I'm determined to see one before I'm eighty though!!;-)

  2. No probs...we should have stayed longer really cuz the patch was rubbish and not worth the effort I gave it!