Sunday, 21 March 2010

A Bit At Each End

Worked most of today, from 7am til half 4. It is so much easier starting early though now that it gets light at a decent hour! It also means I can look out into the front garden before work with coffee in one hand, camera in the other, and hot butter dripping off my chin (thanks to the crumpets!).

This morning it was nice to see a female Blackcap still with us, and a couple of Goldfinches brightened things up nicely!

One of the delightful duo

Fast forward about nine hours, and towards the end of my shift news broke of a drake Garganey on Blackhole Marsh - though it had quickly done a bunk. 2009 was a Garganey free year for us, so I was keen to get a look at this one. When I finished work it still hadn't been relocated, so I headed to Seaton Marshes.

I had only been here ten minutes when it was re-found on Colyford Marsh. I finished my check of Seaton Marshes, then as I only had a little time left, went to the farm gate at Axmouth to look over the marsh. From here, after a little wait and some directions over the phone from Bun (the finder), I had distant AND brief views of it waddling over a lump or two of grass....still 'PHWOAR' though - a right corker!

Nice to see a local twitch again, first proper one of the year I think. Thought I'd take the opportunity to grab a sneaky pic showing the hustle and bustle on the Colyford Common viewing platform...

Nice hair cut Gav! :-)

I have a day off that's GOOD! It's going to rain all day....NOT GOOD!

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  1. Thanks Steve :o)
    It may be short, but I'm still grateful for 100% coverage! ;o)