Saturday, 6 March 2010

Come ON Spring...

Beer Head wasn't very spring like at all this afternoon! Flipping cold it was, and the only hint of anything spring were these cuties....


Oh, and this...

1x Bun!

An early afternoon sweep of the estuary would have been better if it wasn't for these flushers....

****s!!!! Bye bye birdies....

Another check later produced two Med Gulls (adult and second-winter), and I managed to get a closer look at GOR...

It is so good to have him/her back!

The only other birdie news I have to report for today is of three Green Sands on Blackhole Marsh and the Spoonbill still on Colyord Marsh this morning. A count of 37 Pied Wagtails on Bridge Marsh was rather notable, I'm sure either a White Wag or an LRP (or both!) will join them within the next couple of days.

You know, I really don't like March much...I've said it before on here! Expectation is so high, as is the anticipation of the floodgates opening for the northbound is so so so near! But this month just drags on and on and on and ON....


  1. "You know, I really don't like March much..."

    It`s got be better than February, Steve. Now that is a month we could well do with out ;-)

  2. Hahaha! It's just the expectation! Wheatear/Sand Martin/Night Heron/White Stork/Hoopoe/Alpine or whatever just aren't in your head in February...but they are in March and those thoughts make you look and look and look....and mostly see sod all!!!

  3. have to agree with you about March. tough month. and we have just had a massive cold spell. I think it is about 10C outside.

    but nothing compares to november here. icy cold and dark but no snow or birds

    happy birding,