Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Fleet

Ever since hearing about the Bufflehead on Saturday evening it's been really nagging me! This afternoon presented me with the first chance I've had to go for it, so after learning it was still showing this morning my day plan was sorted!

The Fleet, a place where I've done very little birding

I got myself to the Moonfleet Manor Hotel, trudged down to the coast path and wandered along west. After I rounded Gore Cove a couple of birders already in situ directed me on to the Bufflehead - what a bird! You can really see it's in the Goldeneye family, the shape and jizz of the bird just look so similar to me.

Unfortunately the light was pretty horrendous, with the bird only a scope width or two to the right of direct sunlight! It didn't stop me taking a couple of snaps though through the scope with the Nikon...

What a 'bobby dazzler!'

This was the view from where I was watching the Buffer...

Looking west along The Fleet towards Langton Herring and Abbotsbury

Looking east towards Brett's patch, that's the north end of Portland at the back there

As I was driving home the sun was setting and I just had to pull over and take one more Fleet photo...


Rewinding the day, and late morning I had an hour on the patch. It was rather quiet...and bloody cold! The highlight of a river sweep was, surprise surprise, a Med Gull...

It was a stonker! Unringed so not Karen's bird from yesterday

Seaton Marshes failed to show any spring migrants, which isn't really a surprise if you bear this in mind....

Bun alerted me to this - the Mediterranean region is currently experiencing a white out! This will slow spring down for us I'm sure!

Back to Seaton Marshes, and from the hide I took a snap of this...

Male Reed Bunting eating some of our council tax!

And these cuties....

....or not!!!

A real unexpected bonus today was finding half a box of Thorntons chocolates under the front passenger seat of my car! Not sure how they got there, but they were GREATLY appreciated!!! :-) Mind you...I'd like to know where the other half of them went!???

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