Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A Quality Filled Half Hour Out With Yet Another Camera...

Had a nice surprise at work today, thanks to Devon birder Allan Matthews.

He'd seen on here that my Nikon 4500 had gone kaput. He also owned a Nikon 4500, which had also gone kaput! But not as kaput as mine, meaning it could still be used for digi-scoping purposes. So, he wondered whether I'd like it...I didn't hesitate one bit! Thanks very much Allan :-)

I was at work til gone 4pm (after starting at 6am!), and didn't get out birding until after five. A sweep of the estuary revealed the Knot and a nice adult Med Gull. Although the latter was asleep all the time, and the sun was in the worst direction possible, I just had to see if my new Nikon can do what I want it to do...and it does :-) I didn't set any settings, just turned it on and started clicking. Weird using one again though, I've got so used to the Lumix!

I love Med Gulls....especially at this time of year!!

Earlier in the day, Dad found for Whooper Swans on Colyford Marsh. A look from the farm gate after my estuary sweep showed they were still with us, resting on Colyford Scrape. I WISH I had been sat in Colyford hide, as they were in the nearest corner of the scrape to the hide, and the late evening sunshine would have made them look really superb. Instead I had distant views in rubbish light, and I shouldn't have even bothered taking this photo....

The fourth one is in front of the middle bird!

The only reason I have posted this photo is because you can just about make out the orange-stained heads. All four birds have orange heads, and I don't just mean slight hints of orangeness...they are ORANGE ORANGE!

I've seen the odd bird in flocks of
Whoopers with this staining, but never an entire flock (even if the flock is of only four birds!). So could this tell us where these birds have come from...anyone recently seen four orange-headed Whoopers together? Or is there a Whooper wintering site around where orange-headed birds are predominate?

On the other end of Colyford Scrape was a/the adult Spoonbill...nice :-)

Driving back along the estuary heading for home, I just had to stop and take this snap of our Blackwit flock resting in the last of today's light...

It was back to the Lumix for this one!!!

I finally have a day off tomorrow, I plan to make the most of it....

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