Monday, 1 March 2010

The Seaton Birders' Spring Nightmare

This happens far too often here, mostly in early spring. LRP's, Garganeys, and other early migrants that are fond of muddy edges/small pools are flooding northwards and hit the south coast of England.

The birders on the Exe are over the moon as they make land fall there, as are other birders all along the south coast of Cornwall/Devon/Dorset etc..... But here? Well they can't see us at all! "River Axe??? Where's that????"

From Seaton Hole

From Musbury Castle

From Trinity Hill

Yes, it's the dreaded Axe Valley fog! Note the glorious blue skies above. Migrant birds just can't see us!!!! It's not as bad when it's raining, because that forces any over flying birds low, but sunny skies and valley fog/low cloud is a very PANTS combination, and it happens too often! Beer Head defo becomes the prime spot in these conditions.

Anyway, haven't seen much at all this morning really. Several Crossbills calling at Trintiy Hill, but didn't see any. The only birdie photos I got were on very tame targets...

Under rated ducks these...they are great with half an orange!

One of the male Blackbirds in my front garden!!

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