Tuesday, 9 March 2010

They're Back!

This post title could be relating to any number of things at this time of year... Wheatears? Sand Martins? Moths?.... but no! Much more exciting....

Exactly 34 days after I sent my beloved Swarovski EL 8.5X42 off for repair, they are back with me! Swarovski HQ (UK) had my loan pair back at 1pm yesterday, and this morning at 8am my pair were back where they belong, around my neck! And was it worth it???? OH YES! They fixed EVERYTHING, in fact, I'm sure they've given me a entirely different pair...

Just in time for spring too :-)
Haven't seen much through them though today, with the best being two Med Gulls on the estuary...

This was the closest they got to each other, the first-year bird kept chasing the older bird around!

Med Gulls sit much more horizontal than BHG's, this is a good way of finding them when looking at flocks with the sun behind them

And I've always wondered why first-year Meds show a darker mantle than BHG's; older Med Gulls have paler mantles than BHG's so it makes no sense! Can anyone explain this...

I have a day off tomorrow...and may have to visit a neighbouring county for a certain snazzy looking duck....


  1. Great news Steve,well done.
    I've got a Swarovski 80 Scope,it's the best thing since sliced bread.I'm saving up for a pair of Bins after seeing the good service you received.My old ones have just about had it.So once again well done.

  2. Go for it John, def worth the money. Excellent optics and yes, excellent service!