Thursday, 1 April 2010

I've Finally Seen A Wheatear....

................................................ APRIL FOOLS!!!!

Have I heck!?!?! This morning I 'enjoyed' my seventh spring stomp of Beer Head....and saw NOWT!

Yesterday, in the morning the AERG caught 79 ducks on Seaton Marshes, 77 of them being Shelduck! This included 15 'new birds' though (most being adult females), which indicates we've had some new birds come in to the area to breed. Whilst we were ringing and processing the birds in the hide, an Otter proved a nice distraction fishing in the lagoon.

Migrant wise, yesterday, all I saw were loads and LOADS of these....

All trying to get out of the cold wind!

And several of these....

Cute birds...but damn hard to photograph in flight as they are all toooooo quick!!!

My hirundine totals for yesterday stand at approx: 350 Swallows, 80 Sand Martins and two House Martins.

With so many of these about, and so few other migrants, I have a theory... I reckon these are all birds that were already in the UK, and the crap weather and low temperatures have pushed them back south to the coast. Counts from prime migration hot spots over the past few days back my theory up as very few have been noted arriving into Britain.

Am working a day shift tomorrow, but hope to spend some time in the field on Saturday....

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