Monday, 5 April 2010


Two half-hearted and rather brief sea watches at either end of the day weren't very good at all. A couple of small parties of passing Common Scoters and two each of Sandwich Tern and Kittiwake being the best. Phil and Ian M gave our little bit of the English Channel a much better grilling than I did...

...but they too didn't see much

In fact, looking at the three of us, and these two guys... was hard to tell who was having the more productive morning!?

It's Easter if any one didn't notice! And one of the great things about that is that Kym returns home from Uni for four weeks! :-) And the first thing she does upon her return is turn my bedroom upside down (well, right way up really!!), to make space for all her 'girly stuff'.... all seven lorry loads of it!!!

Anyway, whilst the big clean up was happening, she made a discovery in one of my desk draws...

My original 32X wide angle lens for my Kowa telescope!

Digi-scoping using my zoom lens is far from ideal. I have to digi-scope using the lowest zoom, which is 16X, and that isn't that much zoom at all! If I crank the zoom up on my scope, the field of view reduces dramatically, and any digi-scoped photos I have even taken with some added zoom from the scope have been utter crap! So the discovery of this is just BRILLIANT!

Within the next few days I'll post some comparison pics of digi-scoped photos taken through the two different lenses, just in case anyone out there cares!

Anyway, I had the first go with my new setup this afternoon along the river...

Bright sunshine and a devilish heat haze didn't help with this one!!!

And these things never stop moving when I'm watching them!!

If it wasn't for the fact I am so used to using a zoom lens (especially for sea watching) I would have the wide angle lens attached all the time. Anyway, let's get back on track...

As the post title suggests, apart from Swallows, Sand Martins, Chiffchaffs and a couple of singing Blackcaps, it really doesn't feel like spring! I still go out birding wearing my big black duffle coat, and I still look forward to a steaming mug of tea on my return home... or is it just that I am getting old???

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