Friday, 1 March 2013

Quiz Results And Patch Year List To Update

I've just been out for a couple of hours and am sad to report it looks as though March has started how February ended. Well not just how February ended, how the entire month was!  

February really was dire, I got three patch year ticks - one resident species (Little Owl) and the other two annual visitors (Ruff and Brambling).  February is one of the months you may expect the least, but I would have hoped for a decent gull or two, and maybe some grey geese. I wonder if this poor month has blown my chances of 200 for the year??  The one good thing about last month was that I didn't miss any year ticks. So as March (spring?) begins I've seen 117 of the 121 species seen on patch in 2013.

In yesterday's post, I'm sure you will have noticed the difference in the Merlin photos. The blades of grass that annoyed  were very cleverly removed by Chris Gladman. If you still can't spot it, look at the birds tail and left wing.

I am also sure you spotted the Green-winged Teal. If not...

There it is, at the end of the big red arrow

Here's a couple of more zoomed in pics...

Not great, but I didn't have my digiscoping camera with me at the time

Very much looking forward to the weekend, because I've got it off work! Woooooooo! It's scary how quickly a week goes by though isn't it? And I cannot believe Sand Martins and Wheatears are only about two weeks away...

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