Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ouzel On The List

If it's early I just can't cope with a laptop - so when I got up just after 6 I decided to head down to the sea front.

All was quiet to be honest, with passage over the sea restricted to just two Red-throated Divers and two Sandwich Terns west. There were lots of Black-headed Gulls around though, with several large flocks coming in from the east. Still no Little Gull! A Little Ringed Plover was something of a surprise, it came up from the beach and flew high west then north.

Just before 8, I thought I'd give Beer Head a quick look over - with Ring Ouzel at the forefront of my mind. As I got out of the car I noticed a text from Ian P - "Ring Ouzel Beer Head". I could see Ian, and he kindly showed me where he had seen it, but there was no sign. We were sure it hadn't gone far though, and about ten minutes later spotted it further south towards the cliff edge...

It then took off and flew back to where Ian had first seen it...

We then watched it for a good 15 minutes until Ian Mc arrived.  What a stunning bird!  A very valuable year tick too, we often don't get Ouzel until late autumn, and usually only in good years when there are lots about. So you could easily go a year on patch and not see one. 

There wasn't much else on Beer Head (although I didn't stay long), except for a flock of 46 Golden Plovers, including one of two summer plumaged birds.  Karen arrived to twitch the Ouzel, at least I think she did....

I think she's in this picture somewhere??

I came back home via the valley, which showed the Red-breasted Merganser still on the Estuary and 125 Meadow Pipits on Axmouth football pitch...

I searched hard for an early (and patch first!) Red-throated Pipit!


  1. What a cracker! Makes me want to go out birding straight away!!

  2. That's good to hear - nice to know my blog has inspired at least one person once!! :-)