Thursday, 14 March 2013

Still No Summer Migrants For Me

I saved most of today's birding time for this afternoon, as spring migrants often drop in as the day goes on when the weather is like this. But that didn't work for me today - despite visiting most places in the valley and Beer Head. 

It's been a cracking day weather wise, although bitterly cold first thing. The car thermometer read -3c during the drive over to Branscombe at 6:20am.

Taken from Branscombe at sun rise today - that's the Beer Head stacks

Heavy ground frost on Bridge Marsh early morning

Looking west from Beer Head early afternoon

Brascombe was very disappointing early on, because there was a horrible haze over the distant sea. I saw exactly zero Great Northern Divers! And nothing else either.  Later Ian M had 26 GND here, so they must have reappeared when the haze went.

I didn't really see anything of note during my few hours out this afternoon either. In fact my birdie highlight of the day occurred whilst I was inside...

We've seen Blackbirds, Blue Tits, Robins and Dunnocks on the new bird table in our garden - and of course the Wood Pigeons! So nothing too exciting. But I had quite a shock when I looked out mid morning today! Reed Bunting is on the garden list thanks to a fly by soon after we moved in, but I wasn't expecting to see one IN the garden eating our food...

A surprise Reed Bunting! A right cracker too.

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