Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Looking At My Laptop... what I've been doing for most of the day. But I did give myself a half hour break mid morning, so I nipped down to Black Hole Marsh. Here there were still nine Little Ringed Plovers, one Ringed Plover, along with singles of Swallow and Sand Martin. Seemed to be much fewer migrants about though. Typical isn't it, a fall each of the three days I'm not around, the day I'm back there's been something of a clear out!!

The gulls from the Tower Hide looked promising, but yet again delivered nothing. Lots of Black-heads feeding in the water, a Little Gull in amongst them would have looked just perfect. Sadly I couldn't stay long, and it never happened. 

I said in yesterdays text-only post how worrying it is to see all these Chiffchaffs clearly struggling to find food. Luckily I think the clear skies encouraged many of them to move on last night, and to hopefully find more food. But there are still a few around, including one that distracted me whilst I was working on my laptop. Although Chiffchaff is on the garden list, this was the first one we've had IN the garden...

You won't find much food there mate!!

When I downloaded the above photos from my camera, I noticed this pic I took of a Sandwich Tern on Black Hole Marsh last Friday.  I thought I'd post it because it isn't a common sight...


Right - must get back to my work now. Be good to get an interuption though - can we have three Ospreys in three days??

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