Sunday, 3 March 2013

Buttons, Birds and Building Things

Yesterday was a day of putting things together.  Not the kind of day I enjoy at all, because not only do I dislike making things, I'm also rubbish at it.

There were two rather nice breaks from our day of DIY'ing though.  First one was just as we had got underway, when Gav popped over to present me with these very yummy Buttons (which came in very useful during the afternoon/evening!)...

Just look at my over-joyed face! Chocolate!!!!!

The second break also came about thanks to Gav. He had found me the bird that has been bugging me since 14th January, number one of my 'most worrying gaps' on my 2013 patch year list, Goosander. Well GoosanderS actually, with two resting on the Estuary just north of Tower Hide. RESULT! Many thanks for staying with them Gav - best Goosanders I've ever seen :-). The male was an absolute cracker too.

Ok, so what about the putting things together. Well, this was our back garden yesterday afternoon...

Something for the birds

And I'm pleased to say, this is how it looks now...


To be honest, that was pretty easy.  This was more of a struggle though. The Chocolate Buttons saved my sanity...

There was one disaster, we had to redo all four chairs half way through building them. Personally when it says the left side of something, I always take that as meaning the left side, not the right side. Grrrrrrr. Stupid instructions.

Still, this morning, we enjoyed eating our breakfast on this...

There are two more chairs, fully made, upstairs

Yes, it is nice to say we have built these - but that certainly doesn't mean I enjoyed it!

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