Monday, 22 August 2011

Tree Pipit In The Bag

I went up to the Beer Cemetery fields this morning, with three nets...

It was immediately obvious there were migrants about, as a Redstart called and flicked off a hedgerow I was walking past even before it was light! A few Yellow Wags flew over and a couple of Tree Pipit calls filled the air.... exciting stuff!

As I set my final net up, suddenly Tree Pipits were calling from everywhere and a group of about 12 flew in, heading for the same field they were in the other day... I wandered away, then on my first net round ten minutes later was thrilled to find two of them in the bottom shelf! A new species for my hand...

Interestingly they both had very little fat on them, indicating they may not be going anywhere quite yet!

The other migrants I caught were two Whitethroats, three Blackcaps and this Willow Warbler...

Surprisingly the first I've ringed here!

As well as the Redstart, Yellow Wags and Tree Pipits, other migrants I saw included a Spot Fly, 10+ Whitethroats and 6+ Blackcaps.

I am totally knakered now, and have an evening of work ahead of me...all worthwhile though :-)

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