Friday, 26 August 2011

A Red Tailed Reward Or Two

Yesterday, I had a spare couple of hours late morning/early afternoon, so nipped over to Beer and set up a single 30 foot net up.

This proved well worthwhile, as by the end of this session I had ringed seven birds. They were four

Including this lovely first year male, with hints of brown still flecked amongst the black crown feathers

One Blue Tit (whooopee!), and...... TWO REDSTARTS! There were three in the area in all, and it was two females that ended up gaining a little bit of metal....

Simply stunning!

They really are beautiful in the hand, they are so soft to handle too - cracking birds. It's just a pity the male that was also around didn't end up in my net!

Other birds I saw/heard during this short session included a couple of
Tree Pipits and Yellow Wags over.

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