Saturday, 6 August 2011

A Birding Update

We have a bird worthy of a blog post, well three in fact! Whilst I was in Hontion this afternoon I received a phonecall about a possible Pec Sand on Black Hole Marsh. About twenty mins later it was confirmed, and an hour after I was looking at it.

At first ageing it proved a bit a tricky one, as its plumage looked so fresh and rufous - but the lack of tram lines and a few other things (including the date!) makes it an adult. Take a look....

Certainly the smartest out of the eight or so Pecs that I've seen on patch

Whilst watching it the heavens opened well and truly, we all felt sorry for the bird (and were well pleased we were in a hide!)...

Getting a soaking!

So some excitement on patch! Oh - now for the other two birds worthy of a blog post - also on Black Hole Marsh today...

Yes - a pair of Tufted Ducks! The female has been here for a few weeks now, but the male new in

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