Thursday, 11 August 2011

Moths, Migrants and More Yellow-legged Gulls

This morning I was with the local EDDC team going through a couple of moth traps that were out on the marsh last night. This was part of an orgainsed event known as a 'moth breakfast'...the bacon roll was the breakfast bit - not the moths obviously!

There wasn't that much in the traps, probably due to the wind strength during the night. Four Dog's Tooth were notable though, and the Saltern Ear was a new species for me...

Saltern Ear; a marshland speciality

After this I had a look at the fields behind Beer Cemetery - two Tree Pipits, two Willow Warblers, three Chiffchaffs and six Blackcaps were here. Yesterday a quick look here revealed very little, but the day before (Tuesday) there were six Willow Warblers, ten Chiffchaffs, ten Blackcaps, three Whitethroats, a Sedge Warbler and a Tree Pipit.

Back to this morning, and after Beer Cem I had a look along the Estuary. I was gutted that I had left my digi scoping camera at home because there were two juv Yellow-legged Gulls off Coronation Corner. Well I say juv, but both had started moulting to first-winter plumage.

Although I didn't have my Nikon with me, one of the YLG was just about close enough for my Lumix super zoom...

A real corker of a Yellow-legged Gull was this one :-)

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