Sunday, 7 December 2008

It's Proper Cold

Look at these....

This is winter 'proper'

Looking out in the back garden this morning I thought it had been snowing, it really was that white! Had lots to do in the garden today, and went off for a sunday roast at 1pm, so didn't have all that much time out birding. What time I did spend out I didn't see that much at all! Pretty hairy moment too as I skidded along an icy road on the way back from Lower Bruckland Ponds, stopping moments before an impact with a car travelling in the opposite direction! Best of what I saw were four Green Sands and very good numbers of Snipe about.

Prediction of the day most certainly goes to Bun. At 09:42 I received a text from him which contained these words.....

"going 2 do beer head i think, may b darties?! 2 at dawlish".

A couple of hours later came another text from him which read.....

"dartford warbler beer head".

Any chance of some lottery numbers mate?

Should have more time out tomorrow, hope for some better winter birding.


  1. Im no good with the lotto numbers, i once dream,t id won it but 2 of the numbers were 52 and 76!

  2. Hahaha!

    Forgot to mention on my post the other news from 'Buns life today'. Basically his moped refused to start, and four of us couldn't locate the spark plug anywhere on the bike! After pushing it through Axmouth he tried again and the darn thing started up!

    All in all...very entertaining!