Thursday 30 October 2008

Water Water Everywhere

Woke up today to a garden-full of birds. Mostly the usual suspects but lots of them charging about all over the place! A nice treat though were three Redwings; only about the third time I've ever seen this species actually in the garden. Whilst on the topic of Redwings, they are passing over as I type this fairly frequently - easily one of my favourite sounds of the autumn : )

The estuary this morning was SERIOUSLY flooded, as these photos show....

Bridge Marsh, which is normally just a field!

The view from the farm gate

Another view from the farm gate, note Colyford Hide towards the left of the picture, and notice that it is surrounded by water!

The A3052 at Colyford

The only bird of note was a single Ringed Plover with a Dunlin on Bridge Marsh - pity it wasn't a Killdeer! I've got a long working day tomorrow, well for the next three days, hope I don't miss much...

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