Wednesday 15 October 2008

A Blast From The Past

Apologies for lack of updates, but have spent far too much time at work recently and spent a couple of days off-patch with my beloved.

Tonight though I had a bit of time before darkness fell so made my way to Seaton Hole. The Gulls were right in the middle of the bay and all facing directly towards me, which isn't good! Still managed to pull out two adult Meds though.

So, why the title to this post? Well it was here at Seaton Hole whilst I was scouring the roosting Gull flock a few Novembers ago that a wing-barred Phyllosc popped up in the bush besides me shouting its head off prior to roosting. The next morning Hume's Warbler was nailed. And here, courtesy of BBRC panel member James Lidster, are a couple of previously un-published pics of it (I think!). I found them whilst rooting around the old emails in my inbox yesterday!

The dullest, but rarest of the three wing-barred wonders that grace the UK most autumns

I will hopefully find the energy to get out of bed promptly in the morning, where to go.... decisions, decisions...

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