Friday, 20 January 2017

Find Axe Birder an Axe Waxwing

Knowing that my window of opportunity for adding Waxwing to my patch list is pretty limited, I thought I'd try and increase my chances by offering a reward. Yes folks a REWARD!

The person who finds me my first Axe Waxwing will receive.... a whole entire homemade 'Jessicakes' cake!  And of whatever variety they want.... who likes Coffee and Walnut? Chocolate? Lemon Drizzle?  Choice completely YOURS.  

There's not many rules, in fact just these four;

1/ It must be a Waxwing.

2/ The Waxwing(s) must be on patch. I don't mean my Patchwork Challenge Patch but the whole Axe patch (which in summary is Seaton, Colyford, Colyton, Axmouth, Beer and everywhere in between).

3/ I must see it/them.

4/ If there's any debate over the true finder, my decision will be final.

Best of all about this is who says the finder has to be a birder?  This competition is open to everyone, Waxwings are striking birds that could drop in anywhere.

And in a final attempt to fire you all up...


  1. This could seriously backfire.

    What if people insist on a cake for gen on any good bird they find . . . I'd certainly be tempted to resist the desire to share good birds if a bit of suppression would be rewarded with one of those beauties!


    1. Haha. This is strictly a one off, but Waxwings are so worth it :-)

      All the best,

  2. so at my level of baking.... thinking a coffee sponge, milk chocolate frosting, a flake for the crest, the red bits could be raspberries....but Jess, what are you going to do for the yellow tips? I better find a(nother) patch Waxie to find out :-)

    1. Hopefully the promise of cake will remind you NOT TO LEAVE YOUR PHONE AT YOUR PARENTS ever again.... :-)