Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Too Busy...

The only birding I've had chance for over the last couple of days has been pre-breakfast birding.  That was except for a ten minute wander around yesterday afternoon - which proved incredibly well timed!

I'll start with yesterday's jam, which was a Red Kite! Amazingly it was in exactly the same bit of air space as the one seen over Black Hole Marsh the previous day, and really not far from the Saturday bird either!  It was definitely a different bird though as Mark's bird was clean winged, mine was missing a few inner primaries from each wing.  It circled over Black Hole Marsh for a few minutes, before being seen off west by Herring Gulls.

Today my pre-breakfast birding was a good look around Black Hole and Stafford Marsh. I was hoping for a Cuckoo as this is often the time of year a migrant might be heard here, but it appears that I missed it as one was calling here for a few minutes the prevoius day. Drat!

There wasn't much to be honest, with a fly over Yellow Wagtail and 11 Whimbrel being the highlights. It was nice to see several Reed and Sedge Warblers back on territory and in good voice though. One Sedge showed so well that I just had to get a video...

A quick look at Seaton Marshes before the shreddies went down a treat showed a female Tufted Duck on the Borrow Pit. I would post a photo of it here but for some reason Blogger won't let me upload it! 


  1. Great clip Steve,well done.

  2. Hi John. Thanks for your kind comment. As you can see it sat up nicely for me.

  3. Enjoyed both this and the Wood Warbler clips. This one is especially nice for the other birds singing in the background - very different from Hong Kong.