Monday 22 April 2013

A Quick One

Although I've got a week off work this week, I think I'll be out less than usual (if at all) as have got lots of laptop work to do.

It's not been a good few days for the year list, I've missed two more quality ticks - well three really.  Since my last post there's been two Red Kites on patch. Both I could easily have seen from my house, but neither I were in for.  And the other year tick - a Wryneck! Last night I was sent a couple of photos of a Wryneck feeding on ants in a Rousdon garden during the middle of last week. I thought at first it was nearer Lyme Regis, so in Dorset, but it turns out it was well inside Devon, and the patch boundary.  A great record though!

Told you it was a quick one...

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