Monday, 1 April 2013

A Quick Update

Well we are in to April now, and to see how my year list stands see HERE.

Yesterday Grey Plover was added to it, thanks to a text from Gav. This is another one of those species that you should get, but as we never get many, in theory there is no reason why we couldn't go a year without one.

Also yesterday, when I walked out my front door early morning to head off to work, a Black Redstart greeted me - what a house tick! It was feeding on the neighbours front lawn, then flew up and perched on their out door lamp. What a fine start to the day.

Friday wasn't so fine, as I missed a bit that is firmly on my 'Most Worrying Gaps on my Year List' list. Early afternoon Tim had brief flight views of a drake Garganey from the the farm gate, but there was no further sign for several hours. Well, that was until 4 minutes AFTER I started work. From then on it showed sporadically from the Axmouth - Bosshill Cross road. Garganey is a rare bird on patch, they are a lot lot rarer than they should be. And when we do get them they never seem to stay long . I gave it an hour the following morning and saw 18+ Little Ringed Plovers (including eight opposite Axmouth FC - they were dotted about all over the place) and several Sand Martins, but no Garganey.  Having a couple of records in one spring isn't out of the question though, so I do remain hopeful. 

Personally I think it is about time Bluethroat made it on to our Patch List. But where do you start looking....

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