Monday, 4 May 2009

A Trip To Plymouth

Been quiet on here of late hasn't it? Well that's because I have done zero patch birding. Thurs/Friday last week I visited family in Surrey, I worked all of Saturday, then Sunday and this morning have been visiting Kym in Plymouth.

It was 17:00 yesterday, and Kym had settled down to do some work, so I decided to wander off to a certain cemetery which is about a five minute walk from her house. I had delightful views of the Woodchat Shrike, which has been here a week now. It spent ten mins perched up here....

See it?

If not, then this may help....

It's there I promise!

Ok, that's enough teasing, let's have a look at it properly. I'm well pleased with the following shots...

Nice bird!

It stayed in view for about an hour out of the hour and ten minutes I was there for. So it was well worth it.

Ok, back to normality now. Am working this afternoon, but the patch has my full attention again... mind you, that Crested Lark at Dunge.... NOT A CHANCE!

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