Wednesday, 13 May 2009

May + Rain = Waders

It's quite a simple equation, but is so true. May is my favourite month for waders, simply because anything that does turn up is usually in stunning summer plumage. And today, thanks to this morning's rain was no exception.

I wasn't out in the field til 09:30, but a beach wander was very rewarding. A Sanderling was with three Ringed Plovers in front of the Yacht Club, but best of all, just west of Spot On Kiosk was a lovely summer plumaged Turnstone. My first this year. And here it is....

See.... what a corker!!!

The day then got even better, when at about 11:30 Dad phoned to say he had got a "yellow-legged Sandpiper" at Colyford Marsh, which he thought looked like a Wood Sand. I zoomed off down there, actually hoping that it was going to be a Lesser Yellowlegs, but Papa was right. This is the first spring Wood Sand I've EVER seen on patch, so still a quality bird. It was lovely, but moved about too quickly!!

What a beautifully patterned bird!

Also here were twelve Dunlin, a Lapwing, a Greenshank and a couple of Whimbrel.

So, in conclusion... I LOVE RAIN!!!!

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