Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Patch Tick

I was keen for a lie in this morning, but a phone call from Phil at about 07:20 shattered that.

At first I couldn't find them on Blackhole Marsh, but after some guidance from Phil I clapped eyes on my first patch tick for a very VERY long time. A drake Red-crested Pochard!! In fact there were two of them, but I only saw the female when they took flight and headed off up the valley. About half hour later they were back, this time on the river from the farm gate where they were distant. I still tried a photo or two though...

A proper non-debatable genuine patch tick!

Phil saw the drake sat out of the water, no rings. They were flighty too, seemed easily spooked... blah blah blah.... Basically because I saw them and the fact they are a patch tick they are as wild as any UK Red-crested Pochard can be!

Also on Blackhole a single Ringed Plover.

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