Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Arctic Explorers

Sorry, this is going to be a boring photo-less post. But today I've had two patch year ticks, so I just had to write something....

Colyford Common this morning showed six Whimbrel, three Blackwits and two Dunlin on the scrapes. The main highlight was an adult Arctic Tern which came in from the north, flew low south over the main scrape, then continued south down river. Karen saw it a little while later over the Yacht Club.

Before work at 13:00 I spent 40 mins sea watching from Spot On. I was hoping for a Stormie or two as I've seen them close in before during spells of heavy rain, but no luck today. An Arctic Skua west at 12:40 was year tick number two, also saw masses of Manxies, seven Kittiwakes, a few Gannets and three commic Terns all west.

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