Friday, 22 May 2009

Serious Birding

Birding is a's my hobby. I do it because I love it, and because I really REALLY enjoy it! So when enjoying your hobby becomes a bit of a job then it's just brilliant!!!

Last week, the Forestry Commission got in touch, asking for 10 - 15 surveys to be carried out on a SSSI on the Devon/Somerset border. My answer was obviously a BIG FAT YES!

Due to the poor weather last week I couldn't start it til this week. It's a lovely place, and I've been tasked to concentrate on three species in particular: Curlew, Nightjar and Dartford Warbler. Here's a few site photos...

Looking south

Looking east

Looking north

The Dartford Warbler bit looks like it's going to be well easy.... because there ain't none! Well don't appear to be anyway! Nightjars I'm looking forward too, and the Curlew bit is great. I watched a male Curlew perform several display flights to an impressed looking female yesterday morning. Top stuff!

There's plenty of other bits and bobs here too. The most numerous bird was - rather surprisingly - Willow Warbler! 43 in all, 39 of them singing males! A Cuckoo kept me company during most of the survey too.

Other than this over the past few days I've been working (in the real world - Co-op!) and feeling very tired!

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