Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Some Mystery Bird Photos

Today I have inadvertently taken three quite good 'Mystery bird photos'...

Name those birds...

Well I suppose they are actually quite obvious!

After a quick scoot around the patch soon after dawn, I embarked on a bit of a twitch!

It took me quite a while to find the damn bird, but there were plenty of other bits and pieces to look at at Smeatharpe Airfield; 35+ Golden Plover, Snipe, good numbers of Fieldfare, Redwing and Skylark.

I took me about an hour to find the Great Grey Shrike, I watched it for a few minutes, took a couple of photos, then it dropped down and simply disappeared! And yes, that was the time that 'Mystery bird photo one' was taken! Here was the preceding photo...

There's nothing better than a Great Grey Shrike on a freezing cold winter's morning

I was back on patch at half 11ish, but a sweep of the Estuary revealed little.

Another look around mid afternoon showed two Ruff on Bridge Marsh (yes, that's 'Mystery bird photo three!') and eight adult Med Gulls on the Estuary. One of the Meds was white-ringed, but too distant to read, and several were supporting half decent hoods - like this one...

Phwoar!! There are few gulls sexier than a summer plumaged Med!

And yes, the last photo pictures the same bird as featured in 'Mystery bird photo two!'.

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