Wednesday 29 February 2012

Garden Ringing

I've had lots of laptop work to do lately, so have had the net up it the front garden quite a bit over the past week.

It's been really interesting, no unusual birds, just some interesting observations.

Throughout the winter, when I caught a Robin it was always a bird that I first ringed in the garden in Sept '11. But within the last week I have caught three new Robins, which certainly indicates movement - whether it be just local or more long range?

Throughout last late summer/autumn, I was amazed at the numbers of Bullfinches I was catching. On 26th Dec 2011 I caught my 30th Bullfinch in the garden. Since then, any Bullfinch I've caught has been a retrap. Well that was until two days ago, when I caught two new unringed Bullfinches (so that's 32!). Including this stunning adult male...

The wing of a 6M Bullfinch

Blackcaps have totally dried up now. Since 27th January the only Blackcaps I've seen in the garden, or caught have been ringed. But before that (and after 22nd November) I ringed 15 Blackcaps. Pretty impressive I think!

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